For a long while it has been clear that major issues existed with the current POTUS administration. There is a long list of questions about transparency, ethics, lying and cover up, inept and unethical Cabinet members. Adding to the list are the POTUS’s conflicts of interest, the separation of immigrant families, as well as the looming Mueller probe.

Several individuals who previously worked with the Trump team have been indicted for various offenses, and some have already pled guilty. Thirteen Russian actors have been indicted for offenses involving the 2016 election.  Others very close to Trump, including his CFO, have immunity and will testify to Mueller very soon.  Trump’s ex-personal lawyer Michael Cohen surely has a wealth of information that likely would be very damaging to Trump and others.
The evidence against the Trump team is mounting everyday, and is likely to support more indictments and charges. And sooner rather than later.
Will the President be indicted by Mueller’s grand jury? Some say yes, others say no.
Impeachment of the POTUS is very likely, especially after the mid- term elections, as the Democrats are expected to make big gains in the House.
Americans, it is time to face facts! It is time to pay attention, and not allow ourselves to get caught up in a cult atmosphere. It is time for all people-Democrats and Republicans alike-to open our minds to rational thought, and hear the train rolling down the tracks from afar.
It is PAST time for Trump supporters to stand on their own two feet, and watch and read other news media other than Fox! They must refute a President who tells them to only believe what HE says, and to believe nothing else that they hear or read!! This is common in authoritarian governments, but NOT here in America!
Americans of all political persuasions-Stand up, Wake up! Get informed. Be active in the process. Contact your Congressional members. VOTE and urge others to vote! The legal cesspool of problems with this POTUS Administration is huge, and requires a huge response!
                                                                       ****USA WAKE UP TODAY****

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